Art Classes

I run general art classes throughout the year. Please ring or pop in during class time if you would like to join a particular class or see it in operation.

Please ring or e-mail for further details 01702 615475 

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Mondays -  10am - 1pm    £12 per session

 The Womens Institute Hall

Bellingham Lane

Rayleigh, Essex

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Tuesday's 10am - 12pm and 1pm - 3pm  £8 per session

The Womens Institute Hall

Bellingham Lane

Rayleigh, Essex

SS6 7HN,+Rayleigh,+Essex,+SS6&searchp=ids.srf&mapp=map.srf

Wednesday's 10am - 12pm  £8 per session.

Leigh on Sea Sailing Club

The Old Town

Leigh on Sea

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Thursday's 10am - 12pm  and 1pm - 3pm £8 per session 

Crowstone St Georges United Reform Church 

Kings Road, Westcliff. SS0 8LH

St Georges United Reform Church is on the junction of King's Road / and Crowstone Road. 

My Teaching style.

My classes are general art classes covering a wide range of mediums, themes  and styles.  In order to support as many of my students as possible for the last year of so I've chosen to focus on a broad range of topics which we've then worked on for a month or so at a time and which hopefully  will enable my students to find their own artistic direction and to find the  mediums and themes which best suit their own particular tastes and interests. You can see from looking at my own work that my tastes are for fairly realistic / impressionistic oil paintings, mainly of landscapes and people but when it comes to supporting my students I cover all the popular mediums and a wide range of subjects matter and styles.

What to expect?

My classes are all very relaxed in nature and I usually start the session with a short demonstration or discussion. The basic skills of painting and drawing are taught on an ongoing basis in relation to a wide range of topics and using all the popular mediums. I try to find subjects which reflect the varying interests of my students as well as my own particular painterly interests. All students are welcome to watch the demonstrations at the beginning of the session but I am equally happy if students just get on with their own project if they wish to. I sometimes set optional projects on a particular theme for the whole group which students are welcome to follow. In all classes we have a break half way through the session for tea, coffee and biscuits. Before and after the break there is usually plenty of time to help students on an individual basis with any particular problem.

Fees. Class fee's are payable on a weekly basis and students only pay for the weeks they attend and are welcome to attend as many or few sessions as they need. Monies are usually collected at break time. 

Please ring (01702 615475) or pop in during class time if you would see a class in action or if you would like to join a particular class.

Student testimonials:

"Paul helps me see more in art. I am more aware of my surroundings, especially when I'm outside, the colour or everything and shapes. I believe this to be Paul's influence."

"Paul gives good critical comments to enable me to tackle any problems with my work "

"Paul teaches all mediums and makes demonstrations interesting and informative. Extremely friendly and approachable."

" I have to say you've made me think about angles in my drawing and make me realize I need to draw more"

"I've started at last to understand perspective thanks to your tuition"

"He always steers me in the right direction when I have a problem with a picture. He is a good listener. I find the whole experience of the class very therapeutic."

 "As an absolute beginner I find the relaxed style of Paul's teaching very helpful. There is no pressure and you can attempt away at your own pace." "Paul allows people to grow in the style of painting of their choice and doesn't push them into painting in his style only. He is expecially good with beginners and gives them the opportunity to try whatever they want."

 "Paul is a sensitive tutor who provides just the right amount of support to point you in the right direction without influencing your own initial ideas. He adapts his classes to the needs and interests of his students".